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The PrizeQuiz, SuperPrize and BonusPrize Competitions are all monthly contests where you can win awesome leisure and lifestyle products – more details in the Prize Store. As player numbers increase, the competitions grow too, with both bigger prizes and more winners.

Entry is made using the Spot the Ball game format, a well known type of competition which is fun and easy. Entry involves using your skill and judgement to decide where you think the centre of the ball in a photograph should be. Your entries will be recorded as (x,y) coordinates and listed both in an email to you as well as in your Account.

This is a simple quiz competition, another well known fun and easy format. Entry involves using your skill and judgement to decide what you think the answer is to the competition question. You will be shown 6 possible answers with photographs, but only 1 is the correct answer. Your entry will be recorded and listed both in an email to you as well as in your Account.

This is a FREE quiz competition. Competing against the clock, entry involves using your skill and judgement to answer a small range of multiple choice questions, where there is only 1 correct answer.

There is a great selection of main winners’ prizes from our listed providers – everything from supercar days to super spa days!  Certain competitions may specify particular prize products, otherwise it’s “You Win, You Choose”.

Players must be aged 16+ and based in the UK.

You can join YippeeYou.com and enter the PrizeQuiz for FREE. However if you would like to win the bigger prizes, you will need to enter the SuperPrize or BonusPrize Competitions. The cost per game entry is from 50p and you can also earn Bonus Points for FREE entry into the BonusPrize Competitions. 

Yes, there are no limits on how many times you enter any competition. Obviously the more times you enter, the opportunity to win is greater, plus you also earn more Bonus Points for entry into the BonusPrize Competitions. 

No. YippeeYou.com promotes a wide variety of leisure products from a range of featured providers, as well as operating prize competitions with products from those providers.

There is no cash alternative for the competition prizes.

Bonus Points are earned each time you enter the SuperPrize and BonusPrize Competitions. To be used within 3 months, they enable free entry (1 point = £0.01) to the BonusPrize Competitions. Your points balance is shown in your Account area, together with links to enter the current competition. You will get an email reminder each month if you have a qualifying points balance.

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