It’s not surprising that Free Competitions are very popular, especially when there are attractive prizes on offer. There are a number of websites specialising in these, which attract thousands of avid “compers” from across the UK. The potential catch that users must be aware of though is that many free competition sites are in fact “lead capture” sites, really just looking to collect your contact details in order to promote other products for which they will get paid a fee. Fair enough if you are fully aware of this and don’t mind, but the downside of this can mean that you might get loads of emails which can quickly become annoying.

At YippeeYou.com, we will only send you a limited number of emails which promote our other prize competitions, some of which do run on a pay-to-play basis and where entrants can win much bigger prizes. There are 2 regular Free Competitions, the weekly FUN Prize competition, where all are entries are totally FREE and the weekly WOW Prize competition, in which members get 1 free entry with the option to then submit additional paid entries for the opportunity to win the bigger prizes.


Unlike games such as Bingo, which is defined as “gambling”, prize competitions are usually run as “skill games” in which for example, an entrant has to correctly answer a question. Whilst YippeeYou.com runs 3 regular competitions, the FUN Prize competition is just a FREE Draw with a smaller prize, but the other 2 competitions both offer entrants the opportunity to win bigger prizes. The weekly WOW Prize competition is a single question “quiz” challenge and the monthly MEGA Prize competition uses the popular “Spot the Ball” format with a picture of a sporting event testing entrants’ skill and judgement to work out where they think the centre of a missing ball is located in the image.


Popular pastimes to millions of players, the internet now allows players to participate wherever they might be or at whatever time of the day they choose. The games’ popularity also means that with the large numbers of players, many games can offer significant cash prizes. As gambling activities, sites are tightly regulated which is good for players and there are many reputable brands in the market where you can enjoy participating in what can be a great, fun activity which can also be very rewarding too. Yippee’s Slots and Bingo partners are certainly in the premium brands category, with a huge range of 500+ games in the online arcades offering a fantastic prize gaming experience to members.


Slots and Bingo winnings are cash prizes, automatically awarded to your account during play, you just have to submit a withdrawal request to draw down your winnings. The big difference at YippeeYou.com compared to other sites though, is not just the big range of games and competitions, but both the variety and quality of prizes and that winners can choose their prizes from across the range. Whilst the minimum prize value is £100, meaning that a recipient would only get 1 choice from the Prize Store, a bigger winner could select multiple prizes from all the featured providers. There’s a fantastic range from well known brands, everything from shopping vouchers from Love2Shop, experiences and getaways from Red Letter Days, to gifts from Buyagift and big ticket items like holidays from First Choice.

So that’s why we say it’s “Fun Games, Awesome Prizes” at YippeeYou.com, because whether you’re just entering the Free Competitions, the bigger Prize Competitions or playing the Arcade games, there’s a great collection of fun games with the opportunity to win some awesome prizes.

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