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Awesome prizes from holidays, experiences, store vouchers or cash


Our idea is simply that most people like holidays, definitely like freebies and especially like to win prizes. So we’ve put that all together on one site and is the result.

It features a great range of awesome holidays, together with regular competitions with the opportunity to win holidays too! The YippeeYou travel choices are exceptional because we’re partners with major UK providers, so you can be assured that our holidays and travel prizes are both top drawer and top value! The choice is awesome, with everything from beach holidays, city breaks, luxury villas, ski trips and cruises.

Even if you don’t enter the holiday competitions (PS. you get at least 1 FREE entry every month!), stay in touch with our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on interesting travel ideas and holiday deals. We’re fanatical about quality and service too, so do let us know if you’ve any good ideas to further improve YippeeYou.


You can find 2 Competitions regularly running on The first is the weekly WOW Prize Competition. There are regular #FreebieFriday promotions too, so make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to get your free entries. The competitions will also regularly feature a great variety of extra prizes throughout the year. Members also get regular FREE entries in the WOW Prize Competitions too and it’s just 50p for additional entries to boost your prize opportunity. The monthly MEGA Prize competition is a fun “Spot the Ball” challenge in which you compete for even bigger prizes.

The YippeeYou competition prizes are different to most other competition sites, in that the winners can choose their own. The featured prize providers are all well known brands and when combined, the number and range of prize choices for our winners is awesome. Just win a WOW or MEGA Prize competition and the choice is yours. Along with YippeeYou travel products, other prize offers are the popular Love2Shop vouchers which can be spent with over 150 top brands online or on the High Street. For more stuff, we also partner with the well known Red Letter Days and BuyaGift who both provide great gifts, getaways and experience days.


The other main feature of is our directory of Fun Stuff. We’ve arranged this in popular leisure categories such as Shopping, Gifts, Gaming, Travel and Jollies. This covers a range of interesting providers, from big well know brands to some smaller, more specialist providers. A gift experience for a friend or loved one will show how thoughtful you are as well as create some fantastic memories. There are loads of other opportunities too, for instance there are great products for fun jollies with a group of mates or work colleagues.

Hopefully these can then be enjoyed by you both for many years to come, so a unique experience day becomes a gift that can keep on giving. In all, there are probably something like 5,000 experiences in all to choose from on YippeeYou. So whether you’re looking for gifts or getaways, supercar days or super spa days, there’s something for every occasion. Some of the brands are also featured in the Prize Store, which is how you can also win fun stuff and experience days as prizes in the competitions.


You don’t have to enter the holiday competitions to use, although most people like to enter the free ones for the opportunity to win a prize. To keep updated on holidays, fun stuff and prizes, you can just sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media. We regularly post to our pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, so please take a look there too. Each week, we also post several detailed articles about Holiday ideas and Fun Stuff on our blog. These provide extra information about particular destinations / providers which may be of interest or inspiration if you’re looking for ideas. You can rest assured that we definitely won’t share your details with third parties, or bombard you with emails either, as we hate that too!

So that’s just a quick roundup of YippeeYou. Please take a look round to see more for yourself, try a competition etc. Remember that if you register as a FREE member, then you will still get lots FREE holiday competition entries. We’d love you to give us a try to find your next travel trip too, so hopefully you’ll find something you like the look of. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, not just for the updates but for your FREE competition entries!

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